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The Madison County Sheriff’s Office (Kentucky) has announced they will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints throughout the Memorial Day weekend. These checkpoints will be conducted in an effort to enforce the traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Special attention will be paid to occupant protection (seatbelt adherence), sobriety, insurance, and registration violations. 

Remember you may have a defense if you are cited or arrested as a result of these check points! You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible! 

The traffic safety checkpoint locations as approved by the Madison County Sheriff's Office are listed below:

MSO 001: US 25 at KY 2328
MSO 002: US 25 at KY 627
MSO 003: US 25 at KY 876
MSO 004: US 25 at Robert E. Martin Bypass
MSO 005: US 25 at Northern Berea City Limits
MSO 006: US 25 at Slate Lick Road
MSO 007: US 421 at US 25
MSO 008: US 421 at KY 21
MSO 009: US 421 at Kingston
MSO 010: KY 52 at KY 21
MSO 011: KY 52 at Caleast Rd.
MSO 012: KY 52 at KY 876
MSO 013: KY 52 approximately 1.5 miles east of Richmond
MSO 014: KY 374 (Charlie Norris Road) at Oakley Wells Road.
MSO 015: Charlie Norris Road at Moberly Road
MSO 016: KY 388 at any suitable location.
MSO 017: KY 876 at Bogie Mill Road
MSO 018: KY 876 at KY 595
MSO 019: KY 1985 (Whitlock Road) at Tates Creek Road (KY 169)
MSO 020: KY 1986 (Union City) at Charlie Norris Rd. (KY 374)
MSO 021: At any entrance or on any street to Brocklyn Subdivision (Hager Drive)
MSO 022: At any entrance or on any street to Madison Village
MSO 023: At any entrance or on any street to Adams Point Mobile Home Park
MSO 024: At any entrance or on any street to Whitehall Manor
MSO 025: At entrance or on any street to Flint Acres
MSO 026: Brassfield at Dodd Road
MSO 027: Brookstown at Stoney Run
MSO 028: Brookstown at Bob Harris Road
MSO 029: Dreyfus Road at Gravel Lick
MSO 030: Dreyfus Road at Bethleham Road
MSO 031: Greens Crossing and Concord Road
MSO 032: Scaffold Cane (KY 595) at Gabbard Town Road
MSO 033: South Dogwood at Flat Gap
MSO 034: Meadowbrook at Hickory Lick Road
MSO 035: College Hill at any suitable location
MSO 036: KY 1984 at Newby Road
MSO 037: US 25 at Pin Oak to the Robert E. Martin Bypass
MSO 038: KY 52 (Lancaster Road) in the vicinity of the Lancaster Parking Lot of EKU
MSO 039: South 25 at 21 West
MSO 040: US 25 Business (Lexington Road) at Arlington Entrance
MSO 041: East Main and Irvine Road Intersection
MSO 042: KY 52 at Intersection of Moberly Road and Speedwell Road
MSO 043: KY 52 at Wildcat Drive
MSO 044: KY 1016 and US 25
MSO 045: KY 595 at entrance to Artisan Center
MSO 046: Tates Creek Road and South Keeneland Drive
MSO 047: KY 1016 and Old US 25
MSO 048: Tates Creek Road and Goggins Lane
MSO 049: Westover at E. Kentucky Ave.
MSO 050: Red Lick Road at Old Abandoned Farm Supply Store (2.7 miles from Hwy 421)
MSO 051: Red Lick Road at Mallory Springs (Red Lick Furniture Entrance)

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